Our Pickles

Kosher Dill Pickle

(Our most popular pickle)

A perfect ground of compromise for people divided between New Dill and Sour Dill pickles. These traditional “Kosher Dill” pickles are packed with a robust flavor in a perfectly balanced salt and vinegar brine with generous additions of garlic and dill.

Garlic Pickle

The Garlic Pickle is made using our traditional “Kosher Dill” vinegar brine with an added dash of extra garlic, and also a little bit more cure time to bring out that robust garlic-laced dill flavor.

Half Sour Pickle

The New Dill (Half Sour) is the pickle widely associated with fresh cucumbers, because of its short stay in the brine. Mixed in a lightly salted bring with no vinegar, it has a hint of garlic and a hearty dash of dill spices that really accentuates that flavor of the fresh cucumber, and brings out the snapping crunchiness that is essential for a complete New Dill experience.

Sour Dill Pickle

The Steuber Sour pickle uses a similar recipe to that of the “Kosher Dill” but is cured for just a little bit longer, to give it more of that fermented sour, “traditional German” pickle flavor.