From brine to chips to whole dills...
From tiny buckets to giant pails...
You can rely on the Horman Family's


Wholesale & Food Service

We know intimately how to deliver quality AND quantity. Whether you're serving tens or 1000's of people a day, you can be assured that each pickle is crisp and delicious. Our packaging is sturdy and cost-effective and we offer a wide range of sizes and varieties.

(Bars and restaurants love our brine too – ideal for cocktails. Contact us for details.)

Steubers Sour Dill


Why do our pickles belong on your shelves? It's very simple. Consumers come looking for them and return to buy more. In the business for years, we know the needs of the retail buyer and work closely with you on marketing programs and promotions to attract customers.

Our new pails are ideal for deli sections as a grab-and-go item!